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Rebecca McCartney – Remember Less

Rebecca McCartney is a jazz musician from New York City that specializes in indie-folk and R&B as well. Her latest single, ” Remember Less”, features a combination of these genres and is a treat to listen to! “Remember Less” creates stunning environments with Rebecca’s soothing vocals and awe-inspiring instrumental performances.

The 4:14 minute song begins with a lounge piano bit that will transport you straight into a jazz club in NYC. Rebecca’s seductive vocals right from the start, fit in wonderfully with the vibe of the song. Harmonies make the vocals sound quite “big” and add to their texture.

A kind of microtonal, piccolo-style synth, post the first chorus, is quite unique and the way it seamlessly transitions into the electric guitar lead is wonderful! In addition, the bass line is composed very professionally and is recorded really well! The combination of that lounge piano sample along with the guitar lead prior to the next verse is such a joy to my years.

Rebecca gets into her zone in the last two choruses! Her head voice-dominant singing hits all the right spots and its fusion with the other instruments is highly commendable. I hope “Remember Less” is just a teaser for more of McCartney’s coming songs because honestly, I can’t wait to hear more!

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