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Jim Jam - Troubled Soul
Jim Jam - Troubled Soul

Jim Jam – Troubled Soul | Ambience

South-East London-based singer-songwriter, Jim Jam, constructs his sound around an acoustic guitar. He uses ambient lo-fi sounds to drive his music forward. With a very psychedelic vibe going about, Jim Jam creates dreamy soundscapes uses various elements of ambience and a vast array of influences.

Troubled Soul is a track that follows this algorithm created by Jim. He uses a wide range of instrumentation, but all based around the acoustic guitar and his dreamy vocals creating a very, very trippy sound. As someone who appreciates psychedelia, Troubled Soul has it all from the jazz drum kit, to the synthesizers, pans, and some incredibly hard-hitting percussions accompanied by dreamy vocals. It’s a track that you can really feel when you close your eyes and just live through it.

I’m definitely going to be listening to Troubled Soul over and over again. Mostly because it reminds me of a slowed down Oasis or a more rock-based Bon Iver. If I’m being honest, I can’t pin Jim Jam down to any one kind of instrumentalist or musician. What gets me going on his tracks is just everything. It’s as simple as that. I really believe that this music deserves a much wider reception. Go and stream Troubled Soul it is absolutely worth it.

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