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Gavin Conwaay - Throw A Stone
Gavin Conwaay - Throw A Stone

Gavin Conway – Throw A Stone | Classy

Manchester-based DJ, Gavin Conway, has turned to his original passion of singing to his crowds. With a voice made for classic Brit Rock and and instrumental that sounds straight out of the 90s Brit Pop scene, Conway makes you reminiscent of bands like The Stone Roses, Oasis and The Charlatans.

As a longtime Oasis and The Verve fan, I must say that Gavin Conway gives me the same feeling as the mighty Richard Ashcroft and the Gallagher brothers do.

The guitar work on Throw A Stone sounds so similar to tracks like D’You Know What I Mean, Weeping Willow and (What’s The Story?) Morning Glory. The drums are pretty clean, but have a smooth groove to it. The bass keeps the track flowing smoothly, but I would be pretty silly if I didn’t mention Conway’s vocals. His tenor voice is a little unfamiliar with respect to the Manchester Rock scene, however it does as great a job, creating a rock atmosphere with slightly less brutish vocals.

Gavin Conway has created a brilliant track that will have fans of the old rock scene up and about looking for more. While his discography is just Throw A Stone right now, Conway has got more music coming up, so give him a follow!

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