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Ezrae - not my job
Ezrae - not my job

Ezrae – not my job | Empowering

Ezrae (AKA Eve) is a young musician out in Birmingham in the UK. She’s currently studying, but writes and records music. Ezrae currently has two singles out, My Oh My and her latest release, not my job. She uses classic R&B beats to accompany her smooth flowing vocals.

Not my job is a track that talks about the problems in an adulterous relationship. The track has these driving R&B beats accompanied by the brilliantly powerful vocals of Ezrae. It’s quite interesting to note the guitar work throughout the track, but it’s just the melody that keeps the track flowing further. I’m especially intrigued by the percussions and bassline that don’t particularly stand out, but definitely create this depth in the track.

The atmosphere that Ezrae creates is almost hostile, saying that it’s not my job just to show you how to be a man. However, this is justified by the fact that she wants something real out of her relationship with the adulterer.

I think that not my job is a track that goes pretty hard. It has a few elements to it, but they are executed so well. From the vocals to the guitar melody, right down to the groove maintained by the bass line and the beats. Not my job is a track that speaks from a raw place, but is empowering the person who gets dragged into someone else’s problems.

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