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DAAY-Dream Kit
DAAY-Dream Kit
DAAY-Dream Kit

DAAY-Dream Kit | Spatial

Often in the alternative indie music scene, you need to try something ridiculous or bring back an amazing music movement fused with your music to make an impact. DAAY does precisely that with his new single Dream Kit, that features a smorgasbord of effects, instruments, and overall sound quality to make your mind into a puddle.

The song features the saxophone, stitching sequences of dreams together. That & the powerful instrumentals. With a funk/soul vibe, DAAY manages to add parts of different genres he admires and sings over them. Though that might sound confusing when I’m explaining it, it really isn’t. Short and addictive melodies are grouped together making it a memorable track. Staying in your psyche long after the track has ended, they’re magical.

With sounds like this, DAAY broadens the musical genre horizon that many artists limit themselves to very early in their careers. Mama & Little Foot are smaller factions that are milestones for progress . If revival is the game, this song is major nostalgia for true music lovers because of the styles and execution that it features.

The vibe of the song is what is unusual. It makes a difference, coming from a singular source but with plenty experimentation. Hopefully, this trend continues and changes the game for this style.

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