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Craig Cooney – Careful

If you’re into British hip-hop and want to add a new artist to your playlist, definitely check out Craig Cooney. Hailing from the small town of Kildare, Ireland, Cooney has released plenty of singles over the years. The 26-year-old rapper’s latest track, titled, “Careful”, is a blend of modern drill music and some elements of grime.

The track starts off with a few vocal chops layered over some synth samples. A deep, hard-hitting bass comes in with Cooney’s first verse where he raps about his experiences and where he comes from. The track is quite bass-dominant and doesn’t interfere too much with the other parts of the mix, they sound really great on my closed-back studio headphones. The line “persistence in my mind where I hold the key”, flows right into the hook, which is quite heavy and it sounds dope! Also, the placement of the female vocals singing “careful” sounds excellent. The producer has done a fine job on this track.

Cooney’s previous track releases are of various different genres but his tone and vocal delivery on all of them are almost always on point! With his freestyle approach to most of his verses, Cooney is quite underrated as a writer and deserves a far wider audience.

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