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Lost Club - Holding On To You
Lost Club - Holding On To You

Lost Club – Holding On To You | Dreamy

Lost Club is an indie synth pop band from Jacksonville, Florida. They create dreamy soundscapes with the help of wide synthesizers and these light pedals giving their music the light feeling of being on a cloud. They’ve released five tracks since the beginning of the pandemic, with their latest release, Holding On To You out in late August.

Lost Club sounds like a very relaxed Gorillaz and the light work that Kevin Parker has done on his Tame Impala work. The dreaminess really feels like they’ve taken some form of inspiration from Disco Pop group The Bee Gees.

Holding On To You is a track that keeps up with the dream pop synthesizers. It’s a track that is so exclusively light that you legitimately feel like you’re floating while listening to it. The atmosphere is crowded with all these synths, electric guitars, percussions, and bass, yet it doesn’t feel crowded or muddled, for that matter. It is a welcomed sort of crowd giving you a chance to fade into the music and flow with it as it takes you on this magically calming journey. Everything has this fluidic movement to it – possibly what makes the track so relaxing.

I can’t recommend this track enough to synth-lovers and pop-lovers alike. It’s just one of those tracks that will help you get through whatever it is you’re dealing with. Maybe that’s just synth, in general, but Lost Club have created a safe atmosphere in Holding On To You that I think is a legitimate mood enhancer.

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