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Linda - Losing my mind
Linda - Losing my mind

Linda – Losing my mind | Funky

Hungarian singer-songwriter, Linda, has released a new single after her eight-year hiatus from the music industry and two albums. Her new concept is a combination of her passions for flying and making music for her flights. Linda decided to finish her new album during the pandemic in 2020 as not being able to fly allowed her the time to focus on music.

Losing my mind is a really funky and groovy track that has some really cool elements. It starts of with this funk riff from an electric guitar, accompanied by this organ-like instrument that sounds similar to a synth creating something that sounds like one of Daft Punk‘s more popular releases. Losing my mind features the amazing vocals of Linda, prominently standing out in the verse with a simple drum groove, then accompanied by the funky groove of the guitar and synth till the harmonies kick in. Linda shows what it’s like to live her experience while flying.

In my head, I can absolutely picture this kind of music playing in the background of a montage of people flying. I hope that that’s what Linda was going for because it really is fun and reminds me of an airshow festival. Hopefully we’ll hear more of Linda’s tracks at some of these festivals in the future!

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