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3 Years
3 Years

KatyRuth – 3 Years

Houston-based pop/EDM artist, Katy Ruth (aka KatyRuth), made her Spotify debut with the release of “3 Years”. In this track, Katy sings about her own experiences with love/lust, but why is it called “3 Years”? Let’s find out.

In Review

A bassy kick drum kicks off the track, and immediately you can hear Katy’s amazing vocals. No instrumental intro or anything as such, Katy prefers getting straight to the point! The three-minute-long track is built on a common EDM structure with the vocals as the focus.

Katy sings about how her bad decisions in the past have affected her judgment. She had lost someone important to her 3 years ago, and that’s also the last time she kissed someone, apparently. I really loved the line she sings before the drop, “I don’t wonder how you are, but I’m happy that you’re gone”. Great lyrics with great delivery!

The breakdown/drop section features some strings and a heavy kick drum that would sound really good on big speakers. Production-wise, the track doesn’t have too many elements to clutter up the sonic spectrum which gives good space to this track. The basic 4/4 kick drum goes well with her vocals in the chorus and she sounds a bit like Halsey here!

A short Sprechstimme performance post the second drop (where the singer speaks rather than sings), gives the track a different flavour and makes it more personal in my opinion like Katy is directly talking to the listener. Also, the laugh around 2:08 is so contagious! My favourite bit in this track for sure!

Katy Ruth has done a great job bringing back the sounds of Ke$ha and maybe even a bit of The Veronicas. “3 Years” is her first track out on Spotify and I’m positive there will be more tracks to hear from her soon!

Give “3 Years” a listen on Spotify!

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