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CATALAYSTS - You Got No Soul
CATALAYSTS - You Got No Soul

CATALYSTS – You Got No Soul | Progressive

South Wales-based, anthemic punk-rock band, CATALYSTS, formed in the UK in 2018. They use an eclectic musical style, combining influences from Alternative Punk Rock and fusing them with epic electronic synth elements. This unique blend creates a surreal atmosphere in the band’s already heavy song writing.

You Got No Soul is the latest release by CATALYSTS, part of their five song discography. You Got No Soul has plenty of heavy elements in the djent guitar riffs, a heavy bass, some exciting drums, and the powerful vocals that cut cleanly through it all. It’s interesting to note the synth elements that create this anthemic punk rock atmosphere and add highlights to the brilliantly driving guitar riffs. CATALYSTS bring in the punk rock elements along with some pretty interesting grunge and metal elements that appeal to my inner rebel.

This track along with the rest of CATALYSTS’ discography are definitely worth listening to. It’s like having some extra Alice In Chains meets Sum 41 and Linkin Park. I personally miss hearing music like this – primarily because I personally think grunge needs to make a comeback and I think pop punk is the best way to appeal to the masses.

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