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Macarena - Lágrimas
Macarena - Lágrimas

Macarena – Lágrimas

Lágrimas is the latest single by Amsterdam-based artist Macarena. The singer-songwriter is known for her genre-bending compositions that blur the lines of neo-soul, chill R&B, and alternative pop. Another signature touch is her use of English and Spanish languages, and she does the same in Lágrimas.

Lágrimas literally translates to tears. The song is about the tears that will inevitably be a part of your life when you choose to live your honest truth. Macarena has beautifully soft vocals, and she delivers line after line about her self-acceptance and agency with confidence. 

The song has a unique production that has an almost mystical R&B vibe. The many electronic sounds, and Macarena’s vocals are layered to create a rich sonic feel. As the Spanish pre-chorus kicks in, the peppy, funky beat takes over. The energetic feel of the song works nicely with Macarena’s lyrics, helping keep the air light despite dealing with some profound issues.

Writing poems since she was a teen, Macarena has been developing her writing skills for quite some time now. Her masterful artistry with words now helps her articulate herself and her LGBTQ experiences. Aiming to create a safe space for her listeners, she does not shy away from discussing jealousy, letting go, self-doubt, and more.

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