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Wron Vector - Black Moon
Wron Vector - Black Moon

Wron Vector – Black Moon

If my two favourite genres (Rock and Jazz – in case you don’t know) had a coming together, it would be Black Moon from Wron Vector. The debut artist has just put out his first song, and all my biases and I are pretty impressed.

Wron Vactor is super quiet all across the internet, but if his following music is going to be anything like Black Moon then that won’t be for long. Black Moon seems like an orchestra performance in a four minute song. The song has acoustics and electric production, grungy vocals, and a grand conspiracy vibe. I know that’s a lot to process so let me backtrack.

The song opens with what seems like dessert sounds and gentle strums on the electric guitar. The vibe is very rock, until the song starts in five seconds. This composition basically gets listeners’ attention immediately. Everything turns very jazzy as the guitar is joined by a drumset, and the keyboard also kicks in. The vocals from Wron Vector are haunting; his voice is rough but unwavering, and the lyrics don’t shy away from bringing them to the forefront. This makes the artist’s voice a crucial part of the song structure.

The second stanza of Black Moon is just as fun, and more instruments join in too. The keyboard is utilized fully as various effects bring out different elements of the song. This time Wron Vector’s delivery of the lyrics is very Johnny Cash. As the bridge starts it is almost grand: Bass string and trumpets galore.

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