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Silver Cup - Slippers
Silver Cup - Slippers

Silver Cup – Slippers

‘Slippers’ in indie-pop band Silver Cup’s latest release. The song has the duo’s signature style of soft production that compliments the dreamy vocals, and lyrics that hit somewhere deep within.

Hadley and Logan Nelson are a pair of siblings who work out of their home studio in Utah. The duo is on and out to make great music and about to make a big move to the city of dreams – New York. Furthermore, Silver Cup’s discography contains a wide range of sounds.

‘Slippers’ delves into how complicated relationships be, especially when one is not ready for love. This isn’t a measure of how things have been, but simply a realization that sometimes people fall out of love as quickly as they fall in love. Staying confined into a relationship like that can be suffocating, and can turn unhealthy, emotionally and sexually.

The song by Silver Cup has a clear pop direction. It opens softly and picks up after the first verse as the pre-chorus rolls in. It has a clear beat that resounds through the song, and appropriate production effects bring out the lyrics and high points of the song.

‘Slippers’ engages with the uncomfortable side of youth and the inability to love. It’s incredibly personal, as Silver Cup’s music generally is. So I had a conversation with the duo about it, and here is how it went.

In Conversation with Hadley of Silver Cup

The Big Move

You guys are moving to NYC, how exciting! What lead to this move, and what are you expecting from this?

Hadley: I was already planning on returning to NYC because I’m in school there. Silver Cup actually started with us on opposite sides of the country as I was in Manhattan and Logan was back home in Salt Lake City. Silver Cup itself was not the leading decision that resulted in Logan moving here. But it was definitely a strong pro to add to the list. It was amazing to have a year that we got to work together in person rather than away from each other. So this is a great opportunity for us to continue making music, creating content, and hopefully playing more shows soon!

The Process of Creation

I’ve heard you guys before, and I’ve found your music very personal. So how do you decide or realize something is beautiful enough to be captured in a song? How do you go about making a song out of personal experiences?

Hadley: Usually the lyrics/meaning of our songs are quite spontaneous. Lyrics come pretty late in our process, so we pull meaning from the way our base production and previously composed melodies make us feel. It usually starts with one lyric that seems to match the vibe or we like the sound of. The more we build on that, the more we interpret what it could be that we want to say in the song. So it’s super evolutionary and subtly references our real-life experiences as we offer our thoughts to the growth of a song. I tend to like really deep and metaphorical stuff. I like to make things relatable but also profound and thought-provoking. So I can make just about anything feel beautiful enough to be captured by a song. Most of our lyrics have underlying meanings and references even if they read as silly or simple. We think hard about stuff. I actually feel like Logan almost wants me to lighten up sometimes. 

The Origins of Silver Cup

I’ve heard parts of the story before, but could you tell our readers about the meaning of your name ‘Silver Cup’?

Hadley: Silver Cup is the name of the fish feed company founded by our great grandfather and passed down through the generations. Our dad sold the company a few years back. We wanted to carry on the legacy and the name in our own way.

Lessons from Last Year

We’ve all grown a lot in the last year or so while we’ve been cooped up in our houses. In a way, it was some self-reflection we needed but didn’t know. What did you learn about yourselves as artists, and about your music in the last year?

Hadley: We learned that by being together we can create better. Being quarantined brought us some really strong bonds between families, friends, and siblings. When we are busy and constantly in pursuit of our goals, we forget each other. We grew stronger as creatives, bandmates, and siblings. I have personally learned so much and been able to grow my confidence when it comes to writing and contributing to our music. I’ve looked up to Logan for so long because I perceived him as a natural. I had never really attempted making music myself. But in the past year, I feel like I’ve learned to offer a lot, especially in terms of lyrical meaning. And it’s been so enjoyable. There’s something incredibly beautiful and so different about seeing a piece of music you contributed to making,  grow from a broken melody to completion.

What is next?

You guys are moving to NYC and I know you will be meeting some incredible people and musicians. (And having some mind-blowing street food!) What is your take on collaborations and working with new artists?

Hadley: Our next project is a collaboration EP. We worked with our close friends Andrew Thackeray, AKA Heather Grey, on a new record that we think is incredible. In NYC we are hoping to be able to call it a second home. New friends, new artists, and creative minds all around. We can’t wait to collaborate with independent studio owners and anybody that comes our way!

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