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Little Fuss – Hazy EP

Little Fuss, a band formed in 2019, consists of Olivia Martinez and Cody Von Lehmden. Their debut EP “Hazy”, released two years after the band was formed. Featuring powerful vocals by Olivia, great electronic sounds, and thick basses, the EP has an indie-pop feel.

Hazy EP Track List

The intro track, “Human of the Century” is an electro-pop track that begins smoothly with a beautiful intro consisting of soothing vocals, sentimental lyrics and a simple rhythm. We break into the drop with a solid drum groove, dreamy synths, and a heavy yet not too overwhelming bass line. Arps are a great addition to the second half of the song, they fit in really well. The ending could have been a bit more subtle, but I don’t really have any complaints.

Track number 2, “Watch Out”, is a completely different vibe and I’m loving it! During the first verse, Olivia’s processed vocals sound great and they seamlessly transition from the breakdown to the drop. String synths have been nicely tweaked with EQ. In addition to a well-arranged bridge and an admirable guitar riff, this track also has complex yet subtle transitions. The backing vocals are a treat to listen to as well!

A simple drum groove and mellow vocals kick off the aptly named track, “Hazy”. As the song moves into the chorus, the bassline carries the song into some more complex rhythms that sound great. The way Olivia slides into the high notes in the chorus is really interesting. The vocals are quite prominent in the mix, which works well for a track like this. I think Cody has done a great job adding those sharp yet soft stabs that give the track a bit of a retro feel. Look no further than Tove Lo if you think you’ve heard something like this before!

I was eager for more Little Fuss music after hearing “Too Close for Comfort,” the final track on the EP. This listening experience is made interesting by the contrast between each track. It starts off with a simple guitar riff and a basic drum beat that might remind you of some Britney Spears songs. I really liked how the keys sound and how they don’t interfere with the other elements in the mix. All in all, a melodically strong track.

Olivia sounds a lot like Katy Perry here, but maybe that’s just me!

In Review

“Hazy” by Little Fuss is a great EP to listen to. You could shuffle to any track and be in for a since all the tracks are quite different in their own ways. Olivia Martinez has done a wonderful job in tracking her vocals, a really strong performance! Transitions are well-executed throughout this album and sound professional. All the tracks seem like they could be great as a score for some Casino-type film. Listening to Little Fuss was fun, and I look forward to hearing more from them soon.

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