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Echo Coast-Symphony Of Sound
Echo Coast-Symphony Of Sound
Echo Coast-Symphony Of Sound

Echo Coast-Symphony Of Sound | Triapse

Picture you’re out on a cruise, shore miles away. Around you is just the vast expanse of sea, and your company is music. Pure bliss in solitude. Echo Coast is your background artist for this picturesque moment, memories holding you to shore-yet so far away. Symphony Of Sound is your opening track in this frame.

From the mellow escapade of Watch You Burn to the quicker bop of Easy Way of Livin’, Echo Coast lingers in moments that shape your present. The songs have changed in feel through the tracks within the same year, yet have the common aspect of searching for true music hidden away in our daily lives.

Symphony of Sound is something similar, but creating such a synthetic moment for you to imbibe while you’re living it. It has a fun swing, an emotional break with subliminal use of track space and tends to transform your mood. Delivering in a style like Caleb Followill (Kings of Leon), but much happier, Echo Coast singer James Hobbs adds levity to the track. The Chichester based musician can grab your attention with his quick paced chord kicks and make you dance.

The song is a reminder that your searches in this sphere are for the love of music, and that’s exactly what is promised, signed, sealed, and delivered. Music for music’s sake.

Enjoy Echo Coast’s fresh sound with a hint of the sea here:

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