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1.0.8. – Dynamite and Alcohol

1.0.8. released a single titled, “Dynamite and Alcohol” in September 2021.

Frontman, Andrew Stuart, loves experimenting with unique sounds and instruments that blend wonderfully in the production process. The vocals enter pretty early in the track. With soft synths and guitars accompanying the vocals, 1.0.8. has an interesting sound.

Multiple instruments are being used in this track and they all sound really great together. All thanks to the commendable mixing! The trumpets especially stick out, since it is rather rare hearing a trumpet without an entire orchestra nowadays. Vocal harmonies blend in with each other and seem to have a sonic characteristic that could be appreciated better on studio headphones or monitors.

“Dynamite and Alcohol” has a lot to offer. Sounds like a folk, psychedelic rock and pop, all at the same time. As a result, I don’t know exactly what genre to assign it!

The hook line, “The Moon Is Gone”, that’s sung multiple times throughout the track, is kind-of a “hook” as Andrew keeps getting back to it. Every time I play this track, I notice something special in the songwriting/production process. The synths, carefully selected tones of the electric guitar and other percussion elements fit in together wonderfully .Tambourines are quite hard to nail in a recording, but I think 1.0.8. has done an amazing job!

If you like some of the earlier Oasis albums and/or like listening to a bit of experimental pop/rock, then “Dynamite and Alcohol” is for you! Do give 1.0.8. a listen on Spotify.

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