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Idle Dream - The First Time
Idle Dream - The First Time

Idle Dream – The First Time | Crunchy

Idle Dream is a duo based out in Dublin, Ireland. The two have been featured on Indie Star Radio‘s Now Playing. The duo was formed by vocalist Chris McGrath as a bedroom project that he soon found needed some freshness that he was able to find in Connor McCabe and his guitar in January 2020.

The First Time is a track that has so many beautiful elements to it. As a huge fan of BritPop and bands like Oasis, The Verve, The Stone Roses and the likes, I must say that The First Time is a track that I will wholeheartedly put on my BritPop playlists. The simplistic drums are so hypnotising. They’re met by some brilliant rhythm guitar work that gives the track a pretty sweet groove. I absolutely love the bass work on the acoustic and the percussions in the drumkit. The vocals of McGrath really ties in with the Idle Dream goal. In fact the track as a whole, works on every single level.

Just listening to Idle Dream is enough to throw my memories back to a lot of first times. It’s like reliving all those moments in a three and a half minute long song. Do yourself a favour and really give these lads from Ireland a go.

Be sure to add The First Time to your playlists!

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