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Hōmlē - Outtamyway
Hōmlē - Outtamyway

Hōmlē – Outtamyway | Juicy

Hōmlē is the musing of artists Hemma and Yummm. The duo use interesting elements of percussion and these very intriguing beats accompanied by some ethereal sounds in their tracks that give them this very futuristic vibe. At first, you may think that this duo may be sampling other people’s music, but that is not the case. Hemma and Yummm have created such beautiful tracks that are almost therapeutic.

Outtamyway is a track that does such a good job at keeping the thoughts in your head very light. Hōmlē finds this brilliant synth that comes in as a sort of interlude that will have you wince in the most appreciative way possible. The track has a very heavy bassline that is met with panned beats that disorient the listener. Whether that’s intentional or not does not matter because disorienting this listener is always a plus point. It’s important to note that the vocals on the track or so relaxed and calm that you feel like you’re in a safe space regardless of the fearful content of the lyrics.

As someone who appreciates electronic music, the usage of the vocalizers has been implemented as well as Hōmlē could and the quantizing on the track really gives it the perfect feel of mechanical repetition, but with the human touch. I highly recommend this track to anyone who wants to sit and trip on the different sounds you can hear in the track alone.

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