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Aaron Spencer-Incredible
Aaron Spencer-Incredible
Aaron Spencer-Incredible

Aaron Spencer-Incredible | Fascinate

The word I would use to describe this track is already in its title. Aaron Spencer releases his single Incredible, with all the pizzaz spliced into the simplicity. Using simple beats and charming background symphonies, Spencer uses his Cumbrian accent and sweet lyrics to make the listener feel simply incredible.

With The Strokes and Verve like sound, Spencer fabricates a merry jingle to sing over. The sounds are balanced in the background, with various sonic textures coming together to create a balanced, sublime sound. Not trying too hard, not pushing too much-the message is simple. He’s appreciative of a person, and that person can be you as well.

Explaining a new found love for life and creativity, Aaron Spencer twists tunes you have heard before with styles you haven’t. His style is indie, but they’re specific to his style and form of delivery. The song modulates between different effects, and they all somehow flow into each other. This shows a creative library housed in a never resting brain, and I can’t wait to hear more of his releases.

Check out his other singles Where Are You Now & Sticky Dancefloor as well, to track the musical growth of a polished performer.

But before all that, dance to his enjoyable track Incredible here:

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