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Noralyn - Fiction Borders
Noralyn - Fiction Borders

Noralyn – Fiction Borders

Fiction Borders by Noralyn is a serene and calm track with a piano feature that is simply breathtaking. It transports you to a pianist in a giant ballroom, pouring over their art in the setting sunlight. Furthermore, Noralyn has this airy quality to her vocals as they float across the length of the song. Towards the end, the song features other classical instruments such as violin as well.

Wondering how the keys on Fiction Borders manage to give you goosebumps in the first ten seconds? It’s because Brisbane-based artist Noralyn is a classically trained pianist! That is how she weaves such captivating tunes, and in this case it sounds like a classical music number. It is no surprise that Noralyn has been acknowledged to push the boundaries of pop with her very unique style. Her vocals combine with her songwriting skill to create a subliminal experience. 

Fiction Borders is Noralyn’s expression of her freedom. She sings, ‘(the truth seekers) go running; past the fiction borders, I go stumbling.’ She knows she isn’t a genius or a prodigy. But she is after something big, something real. As she marches on through this journey, taming or controlling her is a no go. Lastly, her music is able to mirror this exact emotion so cohesively and that makes the song the ultimate experience.

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