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Mishell Ivon - Champagne Dreams
Mishell Ivon - Champagne Dreams

Mishell Ivon – Champagne Dreams

Mishell Ivon’s Champagne Dreams is bringing 80’s disco back in 2021 – and I am here for it! The song is fresh and contemporary, but the nostalgia pumps right through it. It is a mix of RnB Hip Hop, Funk, and obviously Disco. It has retro electronic sounds, and makes you want to wear fur and bellbottoms to hit the club! And I think that’s what Mishell Ivon and Sally Green were in the mood to do when they made the song!

A self-proclaimed vibe addict, Mishell Ivon and her music are super vibey – from the lyrics to the music! Mishell confesses to being a huge MJ fan, and the beats and sharp turns in Champagne Dreams clearly exemplify that influence. Sally Green is featured on the track, and brings the same sensual energy to the track. Together, the girls are just vibing!

Champagne Dreams feels like a fusion of Bruno Mars and The Weeknd. With its intelligent use of nostalgic pop music elements, the song gets you grooving. The beat of the drum holds the structure of the song throughout, and the vocals of the artists on the chorus get you excited – just like they tell it.

In conversation with Mishell Ivon

My friend and another music fanatic from the Sinusoidal team, Atri Mukherjee had the chance to talk to Mishell Ivon about Champagne Dreams. So here’s how it went:

Atri: Congratulations on your new track! How would you describe Champagne Dreams to someone getting fresh into your music?

Mishell: I would say ‘Champagne Dreams’ has an 80s retro-cool about it but is still extremely fresh, and on the pulse of now.

Atri: What would you say was the inspiration behind Champagne Dreams?

Mishell: Initially, the idea to collaborate was the first move. Sally and I talked about working on a duet-style track and having Sally produce it. And in steps Marcus Phillips who was working on a track that fit this idea perfectly! Sally and I tag-teamed on the lyrics, melody, and song flow. Marcus was the visionary on the music portion and production. Sally took over vocal production.  

The song is a vibrant mix of 80s boogie funk and the now – It is unapologetically fierce. ‘Champagne Dreams’ is a state of mind. We are out here doing our thing and having a dope time doing it!

Atri: Who are your greatest musical influences? How would you say these influences make their way into your discography?

Mishell: The list goes on and on, but I’d say it’s Prince, Rene and Angela, Michael Jackson, Daft Punk. The soundtrack of our youth shapes us, there is no question about that. And so did mine!

Atri: A very interesting mixture of Michael Jackson-sy pop and Daft Punk-like beats with a futuristic thematization and a bit of 80s retrospect, how do you think your sound is unique from other discotheque music in circulation at the moment?

Mishell: Me – I make it unique! My vocal coloring, my lyrics, and the life I give to each song with my performance. All of the influences mentioned above helped develop my musical tastebuds. However, through my personal process of creation, I go my own way and show you a piece of the world through my eyes, and my sound.

Next from Mishell Ivon

Atri: With a few consecutive singles, surely your fans can expect a full-length EP from Mishelle Ivon?

Mishell: Hold on tight, it’s coming out 2022!

Listen to Champagne Dreams by Mishell Ivon here:

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