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TAMS/N OTWAY - Audacity
TAMS/N OTWAY - Audacity

TAMS/N OTWAY – Audacity | Empowerment

TAMS/N OTWAY has gone through a transition towards a more sad and sexy kind of vibe. TAMS/N has always thought of shaking things up as being fun and is not one to back down from the challenge! She’s stated to have always written music based on her mood and hence, will never be the same thing.

TAMS/N OTWAY has made a track that sheds a light on her view on toxic relationships. Audacity is basically her calling out all partners who just play games instead of being honest. TAMS/N sounds like she’s tired of the runaround and wants to take things back into her own abilities.

The really fun beats and hits in the instrumental really give the track this punchy feel that makes it seem like TAMS/N is hyping you up for a fight. Audacity is powered by this groovy instrumental that is accompanied by the smooth, yet powerful vocals of TAMS/N OTWAY. The light percussions in the background add to the atmosphere that’s already heavily set up by the drums that really create a dynamic range for the whole track. TAMS/N uses backing vocals as a sort of internal monologue with the MGMT-esque airiness that stay in your head.

I would definitely listen to this track if I was in a bad mood, or to hype myself up, in general. The simple dynamics that TAMS/N sets up really allow the track to be fluid for any situation.

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