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Lou P Scarlett - Watching
Lou P Scarlett - Watching

Lou P Scarlett – Watching | Seductive

Lou P Scarlett is Australia’s burlesque queen of Techno Tease. She was born into the burlesque scene in Sydney and is often described as the lovechild of Marilyn Monroe and Spice Girls. Scarlett is no stranger to the music scene having performed at multiple clubs and festivals throughout Australia.

Watching is this seductively dark pop track that almost feels like a trap. The track is filled with Techno, House and dark synth pop, but the genre doesn’t stop there as Lou P Scarlett uses a jazzy influence in her vocal technique and piano. I must say that the 808s go so hard, but are met by these futuristic synths that come in and completely disorient the listener, but what throws it all in the air, yet connects it all so beautifully is the piano that adds this bluesy feel.

Lou P Scarlett has a voice that draws her listeners in. It’s powerful and seductive in this way that it sort of hypnotises the listener for those three and a half minutes. Just give in to enjoy the music and you’ll find that Lou P Scarlett is being the best version of herself while also letting you know that she’s in charge. It’s almost like a statement she makes with this track being the medium. The track comes with an equally seductive video that you can find below!

I highly rate this track and think that there are many people out there who would like it just as much. If not for love of the genre(s), at least for the beautiful art that Scarlett creates by interlacing the genres.

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