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Walter Mmari - Timeless
Walter Mmari - Timeless

Walter Mmari – Timeless | Path

Walter Mmari thinks about the world from the far end of the African continent, sitting at his instruments and weaving musical episodes of his imagination.

Returning from his 2021 full-length EP The Time Traveller, Walter Mmari has followed up his discography with two consecutive singles Between Worlds and Into the Afterlife and his latest track Timeless. The two-minute instrumental number is Mmari’s electronic work manifested at some of his best, creating a soundscape that is fictional, immersive, lifelike and interactive.

The opening of the track with the piano arpeggios takes the listener right into a unique intersection of Beethoven and Jesper Kyd-like landscape, gradually being introduced into the vast corners of Mmari’s creation. Gargantuan synth waves wash across the entire track, offering a sense of breath to the electronic pulsation. Characteristically, Timeless borrows some of the most celebrated elements of multiple genres, including post-rock, electronic ambient music and even very strong hints of chamber and arena music. Three singles underway already, Walter Mmari promises the steady build-up of his next musical masterpiece, and as captivated as we are by his music, we sure are here for all of it. 

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