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Sean Boots - Immovable Object vs Irresistible Force
Sean Boots - Immovable Object vs Irresistible Force

Sean Boots – Immovable Object vs Irresistible Force

Immovable Object vs Irresistible Force is the latest song from Seattle’s local legend Sean Boots. A rock-grunge banger, the song transports you to the 80s and 90s with the very first beat. As if the name didn’t give it away, this song is going to be a bright sunny adventure!

Sean Boots’ Immovate Object vs Irresistible Force is a song that makes you want to dance the rock n’ roll immediately. For the string-seekers, there are plenty of awesome electric guitar riffs that you’ve come to expect from the artist. And those who are here for his vocals, he won’t disappoint you either.

Sean Boots was once the face of Seattle’s very own Amateur Lovers. A singer, pianist, guitarist, songwriter, and now solo artist – the man still seems to have a sexy thing for Seattle (pun very much intended.) Apart from his frontman-ing and nationwide touring, he has also been a staple in the Pacific Northwest post-grunge music scene. The many interests and experiences definitely shape his solo music now which is something like kaleidoscopic.

This song is about learning to tune out the noise of outsiders and focus on your own mojo. Sean Boots reminds the listeners of their place in the larger scheme of things, in a way the immovable object that holds itself together with calm. Despite the irresistible forces that work to annoy us, Sean wants to make sure we don’t waste our energy and mental headspace on these things. 

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It is always interesting to hear solo music from artists you’ve heard of in collaboration projects. This brings out their unique sense of sound, and it shows you what they’ve contributed to these previous projects as well. With Sean Boots, I’m thrilled and contented with what I’ve got so far. And I wait to see what’s next!

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