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Saint Djuni - All Of My Friends
Saint Djuni - All Of My Friends

Saint Djuni – All Of My Friends | Toetapper

Clifford Goilo and Rasmus Viberg created the music group Saint Djuni as a positive outlet. The two met in two different countries, while also being from two different countries. They began Saint Djuni at the beginning of the pandemic and just could not stop making music after.

The duo have made music that sound like they should be in that part of the movie when everything clicks for the main characters. I can’t express how much of a mood enhancer their music can be. When things probably seem like they couldn’t possibly get any better, I highly recommend listening to All Of My Friends.

All Of My Friends has everything that you need. Funky guitars, driving drums, guiding bass, mildly gruff vocals and a COWBELL (Everyone knows the cowbell is one of the happiest percussion instruments, or maybe that’s just my opinion!). I particularly love the wind instruments that come in as highlights similar to the backing vocals that just add this depth to the track that makes you think of groups like Jungle, Capital Cities, and even early Maroon 5. I’m absolutely certain that the two are here to make humanity feel much better! So what are you even waiting for?

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