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Magdalia - The House On Stanley
Magdalia - The House On Stanley

Magdalia – The House On Stanley

The House On Stanley by Magdalia is a story told in a song form, and it is utterly enchanting. Combined with the angelic vocals of the singer, it is a trance and a state of worship!

Magdalia has built a name with the incredible storytelling in her music, and The House On Stanley is a testament to what the young Australian singer is capable of. Her vocals are deep and low, reminiscent of Florence Welch. She describes her aesthetic as ethereal and soft, and I would say she is bang on the money. Her voice is the perfect vehicle for her magical songwriting skills to ride on. As Indie Music Centre describes it, “We can obviously say that Magdalia has a gift. Both for writing and singing.”

The House On Stanley opens with the guitar, and stays true to the acoustic element throughout. The bridge brings in the addition of piano keys, and this transition is done very smoothly and naturally. The music set up compliments the emotions of the song, and brings out the best in them.

The singer tells us through her song, misses a loved one she lost when she was only 18, and the house where this friend stayed is now occupied by another family. She remembers her lost friend as sweet as eclairs, and as stubborn as the rain. Now time has healed most, but there are holes in the fiber of her being after this loss she endured when she was young and innocent. However, she looks back fondly to the lost friend who taught her so much about life, and in the bitterness of the loss is also the sweetness of her pure memory.

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