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Lab on Fire-Connection Failed
Lab on Fire-Connection Failed
Lab on Fire-Connection Failed

Lab on Fire-Connection Failed | Provoke

A polished version of the slowcore genre had existed but somehow eluded me till today. To be honest, I didn’t know a genre called shoegaze existed, and I sure am glad I found out through Lab on Fire. They know what they’re doing and the vibes to create- their latest single is Connection Failed.

With a Radiohead feel & Jeff Buckley’s melodic ambit, Lab on Fire cut the stray edges from the synth overload of slowcore & create a fresh format. Connection Failed opens with acoustic strums that swing into the focal playground with synth effects pouring in slowly. Zaelbeth joins in for vocals, singing in whispers after which the group break out into the song.

Jan Kleník & Proki Pivoñka set the synth theme added with guitars which carry depth & direction. Accents by Yarda Helesic on guitars complete the string section. Though a muffled soundscape is created and drums aren’t the focus, Jirí Stivín explodes into the last few verses with some sublime drumming. Keeping the song together is the rousing production value, focusing on the details and creating a song that can rest on repeat.

Lab on Fire have also found their mark with the tracks Fog & Berlin Night. Do explore their poignant work. Till then, tune into their new …

Oh sorry, I couldn’t complete that sentence. I guess with the depth of that track, my connection failed.

Enjoy Lab on Fire’s slow burn impressive track here:

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