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J Nui - Old Faces
J Nui - Old Faces

J NUI – Old Faces | Groovy

J Nui is an Australian rapper and producer who uses a unique blend of FKJ-esque instrumentals and rap. As a teenager, he began in his bedroom with music production. However, since then, J Nui has expanded his selection of sound, creating tracks that were, and are rooted fundamentally in Hip Hop. Nui’s music has been recognised right from his debut track, Solo, having been backed by selection from some pretty well-established playlists and the music video was on MTV Club rotation in Australia and New Zealand

Old Faces is a track that has you grooving from the very first beat. Some really interesting elements that J Nui uses are that of this electric guitar that sounds like Carlos Santana, the hard hitting 808s that rumble right through you. His flow sounds pretty novel with some seductive tones, and some of that smoothness that you’d expect from someone like Kendrick Lamar, Tory Lanez, and Masego.

J Nui throws in some shout-outs to Melba, Monash, Banjo, Reebee, Gilmore, Unaipon etc; They are all the people who are on Australia’s cash. This is impressive simply for the fact that he uses them as ad libs like most other rappers would throw in some random phrases. The flow that Nui has seems so natural, it sounds like he recorded it all in one take. Old Faces is a track that works in any kind of setting, so I’d recommend this to anyone who wants to share some new music with their friends.

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