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Filiah - In a Haunted House
Filiah - In a Haunted House

Filiah – In a Haunted House

In a Haunted House by Filiah is a personal ballad about learning to believe in yourself and others again, after having your trust broken.

Filiah is an Austrian folk singer and songwriter based out of Vienna. In a Haunted House is her third single. Her voice is so gentle it almost seems like she is having an honest, very personal conversation with the listener. In a way, that is exactly what she is doing. As Filiah confesses, her songs are her way of dealing with complex emotions and making sense of them.

In a Haunted House has been carefully composed to allow for honesty and intimacy between the singer and the listener. It has a very soft, gentle, almost acoustic setup. The use of the cello also hints at the pain that the singer is feeling.

Filiah accepts that she fell in love very hard, and it wore her out when things didn’t work out. The song is an attempt to make peace with the ghosts that haunt her. The two verses are about accepting rejection, heartbreak, and the trauma they bring. The bridge brings us to the culmination where Filiah knows that she has to let go of the trauma of the toxic relationship. Doing this is scary because it is an act of courage.

Overall, In a Haunted House by Filiah is a gem that feels like warm sunshine on your skin. It is a joyous composition that mends the broken, and fills you with positivity.

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