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Fabián dos Rios-Captain Rasca
Fabián dos Rios-Captain Rasca
Fabián dos Rios-Captain Rasca

Fabián dos Rios-Captain Rasca | Poignant

I must start this review a little differently, for it is straight from the heart. No instrument binds straight to my soul like the piano does, so there might be a bias in this review. With that, let me introduce you to Fabián dos Rios. This is not a review, but a letter of respect to a beautiful piece that speaks in several layers. The name of the track is Captain Rasca.

Fabián could have made this a lyrical track, but would have lost the gravity of what is being migrated across from the instrument to the listener. It is eerily beautiful, emotional and weighs heavy on your mind even several hours after listening. I don’t know if it is the powerful effect of the melody or the synths carrying the notes on wings, but it made me tear up. Triggering a powerful memory with just the levity & texture of the instrument alone is very intense.

Fabián took tutelage under the legendary Dirk Richartz, who has gifted him pure artistic liberty. It is obvious with the power of this track, Maktub & A Shepherd’s Dream alone that Fabián has a gift, and it is translated through music. Using his travel experiences to transcribe them into wonderful songs are exemplary, and I wish nothing but the best for Fabián dos Rios for his bright future.

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