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EchoVox - Get Up!
EchoVox - Get Up!

EchoVox – Get Up! | Motivational

Californian four piece, rock band, EchoVox has made a brilliant album in their latest release Get Up, Get Out There. The band has followed this up after their 2017 EP, Sunday Thru Thursday. The band works on such an exciting drive that it gives you the feeling of being unstoppable.

No other song motivates you like the titular track Get Up! The track starts of with this really intense djent riff on the guitar (Ramesh Berry) that slowly breaks into something that sounds like The White Stripes meets AC/DC. The hard hitting drums (Nick Ayers) remind me of some really interesting work I’ve heard from Dave Grohl in his Nirvana days.

Get Up! has some beautiful licks and riffs that are accentuate by this killer bass guitar (Jason Smith) that really sets the tone. The drums are so dynamic and ambitious that I’m sure the producer had to tone them down on the EQ. I cannot talk about this track without mentioning the all-powerful vocals of the lead singer, Jen Howard. Nothing screams might like her vocals in motivating you, just as any leader would!

I cannot recommend this track enough to any rock lover out there! Try to imagine some of the best classic rock you’ve heard in the last forty or so years. I guarantee Get Up! would make it onto that playlist!

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