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Blue Harvest - Dirt
Blue Harvest - Dirt

Blue Harvest – Dirt | Quintessential

Alt-rock tunes are a-brewing in the southern parts of England, particularly highlighting the sound being created by one of the freshest trios on the scene, Blue Harvest.

The three-piece act dives straight into the indie underground rock music upheaval with the release of their debutant track Dirt. Debutant or not, for a new group to be pushing into the scene with a number as infectious, energetic and truthful to the fundamentals of pure rock music extravaganza is truly rare.

Dirt is characteristic of all the elements of the genre that got lost along the way — the staccato in-your-face percussive pulsation, the overdriven near-grunge guitar and the impassioned and mature vocal performances — sounding marvellous while they are all at it. Thematically, the track is not shy to explore some of the widely acclaimed narratives of heartbreak music, as the track’s lyricism seems to focus on finding oneself coming out of toxic associations.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable elements of the number is the multiple vocals, rendering the band together as a singular well-oiled unit. Tracks like Dirt are made for arenas, and no doubt it finds its way to some of them soon. 

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