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Big Lou - As A Crew
Big Lou - As A Crew

Big Lou – As A Crew | Welcoming

If you wanted to imagine hip-hop performances in the style of early Slim Shady, with backing electronic dance music sung in an overtly festive Sean Paul-like vibe, we have got just the artist for you to listen to. Caribbean singer-songwriter and hip-hop artist Big Lou makes his big break into the hip-hop music industry with the release of his debut track As A Crew.

Characteristically a mixture of Caribbean pop, funkadelic pop, funk, hip-hop, electronic dance music, club pop and indie pop, Big Lou manages to strike a sweet balance in navigating all of these genres in one single track. Understandably, As A Crew is a contagious time bomb waiting to be played outdoors and in gatherings, that should get people swaying to the infectious clique of both its lyricism and Rastafarian extravaganza.

Thematically too, the song’s lyricism seems to be an attempt at companionship and camaraderie, inviting listeners to join Big Lou’s discography and be a part of ‘his crew’. Big Lou is humorous and developing his unique coterie that should very soon be affiliated to his unique and entertaining sound. 

Be sure to check out the track here and become a part of the Crew: 

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