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Anna Thompson - Hot Now
Anna Thompson - Hot Now

Anna Thompson – Hot Now | Suggestive

Seattle-based pop artist Anna Thompson is still riding the TikTok fame garnered in the last two years from her ridiculously catchy music. In the latest news, the Get Me, High singer updates her discography with the release of her fresh track Hot Now.

The two-minute track is as contagious as contemporary pop numbers come, thematically charting out into topics of revenge, success and a sense of stick-it-to-your-face honesty that is really telling. At a characteristic level, Anna Thompson manages to identify and be inspired by some of the most widely celebrated and acclaimed theories in making a pop tune, pooling them into Hot Now in unmistakable finesse.

The song features some of Thompson’s vocals at their most self-assured and assertive, comprising the ability to fully convey the contents of the track in the manner they were meant to be listened to. If you can think of some of the genre’s stalwarts in their earlier phases just starting to launch out into the industry, you should be reminded of artists along the likenesses of Anna Thompson’s — an evolution that we are certainly here for. 

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