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Wild Gravity-Comatose
Wild Gravity-Comatose
Wild Gravity-Comatose

Wild Gravity-Comatose | Endeavour

Gear up to switch directions, because Wild Gravity just took control of the wheel. Their latest track is called Comatose, and my, what a ride it is. It is amped up, on overdrive and runs on the raw power of rock. Drawing inspirations from their favorite artists, Wild Gravity make you feel weightless with their single.

Opening with directional phasing using synths & guitar, Wild Gravity prepare you with the in-flight instructional before take-off. The sound is a heavenly trip within itself, after which you get the hint that there is a change in the weather. The distorted guitar flows in like Adam Jones’(TOOL) Les Paul, and is ready to ensue chaos.

The Chevelle style hard rock riff is as good as any to make purists & snobs smile, and amateurs increase the volume. The sound effects are insane, and only enhance what’s already an impressive track. We’re just a minute in.

Wild Gravity switch back to clean for a powerful vocal entrance, with the guitars echoing at the distance. The balance is near perfect, Chicago based producer John Terry giving them bang for the buck. The guitars carry a gravity that cannot be measured, enough to make you comatose.

Post the second bridge, a lovely effect takes over with the guitars that might have been very difficult to manipulate, but has been pulled off. Ken & Phil show us what they’re capable of, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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