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Valerie Mood - Lost in the dead end
Valerie Mood - Lost in the dead end

Valerie Mood – Lost In The Dead End | Jazzy

Valerie Mood is a Czech artist. Her musical background lies within her family, with her father being the leading role in Mood’s music since she was a child. She studied economics, but then turned towards music, professionally. Mood is also a coach and occasionally performs as an actress.

It’s interesting to note her use of various unique and distinct instruments as well as the complex scales and modes she uses. Valerie Mood uses many jazz and blues techniques in her playing style, and incorporates it into her vocals.

Lost In The Dead End is a track that has so much going on for it. Mood says that Lost In The Dead End is about psychological games between a man and a woman. She made the song while she was interested in a man who was kind of complicated and mysterious. She felt that the man had her in his hands – sometimes showing his interest, sometimes not caring about me at all. So she thinks about what she’s attracted to – if it’s just his pose. How we sometimes act the same towards the other partner, trying to be cool and trying not to show that their behavior hurts us in a way. The message is that if both man and woman pretend something and play games in a relationship it’s a self-sabotage of each other.

The various elements in the track keep the listener on edge, as if it’s something out of Gone Girl and you’re just anxious about the next movement. In some ways, the track is provocative, and I feel like that’s something that Valeri Mood was going for as it’s kind of this personal retelling of what it’s like to be in that kind of relationship.

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