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Soheill - Behave
Soheill - Behave

Soheill – Behave

Behave by Soheill is the latest release from the indie Rock legend. The song is no short of the ones that have earned him his reputation. The track features passionate vocals and meaningful lyrics. Soheill is well-known for his multi-instrumental arrangements, and Behave also makes the most of its industrial rock multi-instrumental arrangement.

The song opens with a bang as the drums immediately define the beat for the listener. The use of bass and electric guitar across the song and especially during interludes is also notable. The foundations of Behave are very much in rock. The two verses and their respective choruses give way to the bridge that serves as the culmination point for the song.

Behave is a song about a range of distraught emotions that render a person incapable of knowing how to act or react. The lyrics reflect a fervid rage; someone who has been let down by his allies and close ones. Overtaken by his anger, he does not know how to process or profess his sadness. He feels almost stupid, saying he has climbed out of this emotional hole before, however, he does not know how to be around others anymore.

Soheill has a name for the intelligent use of synthesizers and drum programming in his production. He does the same in Behave, resulting in a sonic arrangement that mirrors the emotions behind his lyrics.

Where to catch Soheill

The one man power canon that is Soheill has gathered over 500k+ streams on Spotify and Apple Music, and toured across the west coast and the southwest. iHeart Alt Rock Radio 97.5 has featured and interviewed him. Sam Kassirer (of theJosh Ritter Band) worked with Soheill to co-produce his EP ‘Somewhere Between Love & War’. The artist has also on rotation at Nashville’s Lightning 100 Radio Station.

Soheill has a few tracks lined up to be released in the coming months of 2021. Clearly, the Nashville-based artist has made the most of his time in quarantine.

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