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Rosellas-Before The Storm
Rosellas-Before The Storm
Rosellas-Before The Storm

Rosellas-Before The Storm | Syncopate

There is a certain magic British Pop/Rock has, it feels like it speaks to you, about you. The Verve did it. Oasis was remembered for it and I won’t mention the leviathan influence of a certain other group. The message being, the magic percolates through the song & you resonate with it. Rosellas bring back that wizardry with their latest single, Before The Storm.

I interviewed Euan, the axe-wielder of the group Rosellas. The following is an excerpt of the same:

In conversation with Rosellas

1) Your song is inspired by The Verve’s styles & has great British rock flavor. What was unique about this song’s process?

Yeah you’re right there is a bit of The Verve in this song. There’s also a bit of Oasis in there, and some Stone Roses as well. In terms of the process, this song was written the same as I’d write any other songs – started with the chords and the melody, took it to Drew and we beefed it out with loads of guitars. It was quite natural this song and it sounds the way it does because that’s how it sounds best.

The song has the crests and falls of any great anthem, it swells and subsides, taking your emotions for that desired ride. Opening with a tight drum beat that preludes the guitar intro-distorted & coming in heavy. It has the reverb and impact of an opening monologue & does the trick.

2) What lead you in the direction of making Before the Storm?

The song itself lead the direction. Sometimes you start with an idea of how you want a song to sound and sometimes the song itself dictates.

3) Any new themes that you want to experiment with after the latest single?

 I don’t think we’ve ever thought about particular themes in our music. We try and make it as natural as possible, both in the lyrics and the music. We might write a song about a particular subject, or have a song that sounds a certain way but I think the thing we do best is flow effortlessly between different genres and sounds.

A few bars of the intro, & you’re transported to Verve-nation. It has a brilliant riff & an incredibly catchy chorus. Makes the blood warm on a cold night, creates the effect that they desire and doesn’t push a pretense. It is what can be classified as heartfelt, true music.

4) Plans for an EP or more singles on the way?

 We do have an EP in the works so hopefully that will be out soon, and probably another single around Christmas time. Beyond that we haven’t thought that far ahead.

5) How did the name Rosellas come about for this group?

I’m not sure about this one, Drew thought of the name. I know it’s a name of a type of parrot so maybe he got it from that? As long as I can remember us being a band we were always called Rosellas, we didn’t take much time deciding on the name that’s for sure.

The group exudes confidence & the musical maturity of a well-seasoned, professional group with years of chemistry. To learn they’re so young & onto such great music is truly a gift.

6) You’ve chosen quite a rare style to perform with. Do crowds gravitate to the melodies of your songs?

Well the style we use is what comes most natural to us all, so it’s not unusual for us. I suppose the fact our music is guitar driven rock music means it’s never going to get in the charts, but that doesn’t really bother us. The crowds are the most important thing to us as a band and giving them something to get into. I don’t know if it’s the melodies on their own that make people gravitate towards us, but they’ll be a factor for sure.

Make sure you submerse yourself in their single Before The Storm :

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