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Point Lobo - Tacoma Narrows
Point Lobo - Tacoma Narrows

Point Lobo – Tacoma Narrows

‘Tacoma Narrows’ by Point Lobo is a genre-bending indie track. It has elements of pop-rock, jazz, and a touch of psychedelic as well. It has an upbeat Lo-Fi kind of vibe with a host of instruments on the number.

Point Lobo has been involved in the LA indie music scene and known incredible musicians with whom he works all the time. He works multiple gigs including the jazz trio GF3, dream-pop song makers Young Hunting, and Moonie Moonie where he works with his buddies to combine and folk and psychedelic music. Further, he is also the composer for the nationwide podcast The End Of The World with Josh Clark. His knowledge of wide applications and interest in very divergent genres is reflected in his personal music. 

The song starts out a lot like video-game pop, with an almost cinematic vibe. The initial lines are the pre-chorus. They are fantastical and bright which sets the tone immediately. The first two verses have a contemporary and smooth sound with electronic beats and piano keys. However, as the second chorus ends the song starts building up in this repetitive psychedelic beat. This beat gradually transforms, and soon the trumpet comes in. This transforms the melody into this trans-like jazz that has so many layers and emotions it is almost turbulent.

Working with artists who inspire him on Tacoma Narrows, Point Lobo is able to create a mind-blowing song that is so fresh and appeasing sonically.

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