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Loome – BIG TALK

BIG TALK by Loome is a peppy pop track with childlike innocence. The song deals with the complications of relationships, what happens when lines are crossed, and what comes next.

Loome is a fiercely independent artist who works on his music by himself. He not only lends his vocals to his songs but produces them as well. His production is pop with a sound knowledge of pauses, melody, and beats. He is clearly a person who loves music before being a producer. He has admitted to being influenced by Coldplay and The 1975. This reflects in his lyrics that deal with the everyday adventures of love and life. He is able to express a lot in few words, and his production sonically complements them brilliantly.

BIG TALK has a pop structure, and the well-defined beats get you in the groove very quickly. The song serves as a medium for Loome to express his disappointments in his relationship. He has worked very hard to not let his partner down, but this has not been reciprocated. She has been going around gossiping about him and involving others in their business.

This is obviously not healthy. They should be able to resolve their issues between themselves, and her actions have hurt him. While he is constantly thinking about her, he knows he must draw the line clearly. It is now time for an important conversation, and both of them need to be mature adults to make this work.

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