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Irini Mando - Outlaw
Irini Mando - Outlaw

Irini Mando – Outlaw

‘Outlaw’ by Irini Mando sounds like a wild cowboy dream come to life, but in musical form. The song’s lowered tempo with trap-like beats, and unique lyric delivery give it an urban feel. Further, the production makes use of a variety of instruments and electronic sounds to bring out the contemporary vibe.

London-based artist Irini Mando is synonymous with Urban Pop music. However, she is not to be defined by a genre or be pigeonholed into one. She has written songs across genres, and has a reputation for clever hooks and captivating instrumental abilities across her music. The female powerhouse has played two gigs at Toronto’s famed Canadian Music Week. On her track Pink Noise, she collaborated with the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Talk of dreams coming true!

‘Outlaw’ is the singer-songwriter’s most recent release. The many sound effects used on the track play quite well with Irini’s wide-ranging vocals. Moreover, the chorus is extremely catchy, and the lyrics are chic and confident. Irini Mando sings about letting everyone think they have power over her while she devises a strategy to defeat the forces that want to control her life. She accepts being an outlaw who is only dependant upon herself. In that way, she fully embodies the savage woman. With zero expectations from others, she becomes a heartbreaker who can leave any mess in a cloud of dust, and move onto her next rowdy adventure.

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