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Hidekki - Hello Lovely
Hidekki - Hello Lovely

Hidekki – Hello Lovely | Futuristic

Hidekki is an artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. His stage name is an alternative spelling of his Japanese middle name. An artist with rich heritage being part Japanese and part African. He learned how to play the piano around 8 years old and has been creating music ever since, incorporating Electronic Dance Music and Hip-Hop elements in his music.

Hidekki has stated that he loves both EDM and Hip Hop so much that he cannot pick a lane. We’re not complaining, it’s quite reminiscent of some great musicians like The Black Eyed Peas and Mattafix. Using possibly the two most popular genres of music in the contemporary day and age, Hidekki is an artist who’s probably figured out how to appeal to the masses.

Hello Lovely is a track that you may find yourself bobbing your head to, or just unconsciously tapping your toes to. This track has so many elements to it. In order of my favourites, the synths are so solid and mixed in well, accompanying the beats that are so well placed that you can’t even mistake them. The vocalizer and vocal modulations that Hidekki uses on his already smooth voice just add a quality that amplifies the best parts of it. The flow of the vocals with these ad libs in the background are so smooth and solid, especially with that transition into the hook.

There are just so many things about Hello Lovely that you can spend hours picking it apart only to find new elements. I highly recommend this track to anyone who is a fan of Electronic and Hip Hop music.

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