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Bison Face-Private Joke Party
Bison Face-Private Joke Party
Bison Face-Private Joke Party

Bison Face-Private Joke Party | Thrash

Charged, fused and ready to light up the stage. That’s how I would explain Bison Face if I saw them live, but I don’t have the good fortune of doing so. Bison Face is the equivalent of what can happen to your flight if someone leaves a bottle of isopropyl, a few lighters and the mega spark of pure hard rock in the fuselage of an aircraft. It’s all fireworks- and their latest track Private Joke Party does the same.

With a power packed riff that sounds like Slash’s explosive sound from Slash’s Snakepit or Velvet Revolver, Bison Face waste no time to take you past the stratosphere. The riff is tasty, the drums aim to puncture your ear drums and it is overall mayhem. It has been a long period of time since I’ve heard hard rock of this quality, so the boys from St Albans, UK know what they set out to do.

Puncturing through your vision of a picnic in the meadow, Bison Face trailblaze through the track of punk rock intensity and set that meadow on fire. Ernie Hill’s vocals and instruments are lethally precise, and Alex Bowden supporting has just elevated the track to another level. Step 1: Add to rock out playlist. Step 2 involves insane mayhem.

Revel in the laughs with Private Joke Party by Bison Face here:

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