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SUBURBS - Next To Me
SUBURBS - Next To Me

SUBURBS – Next To Me | Lovelorn

The graph of Ontario-based three-act band SUBURBS goes upwards and looks like going in that direction for the foreseeable future.

Returning from their popularly acclaimed 2020 full-length EP The Sweet Nothing EP and their single Don’t Fear, SUBURBS updates their discography with the release of their latest dream-pop track Next To Me. Spanning for four minutes, Next To Me suspends the listener into a world of lovesick songwriting by Dave, Mac and Jake, highlighting the track’s thematic inclinations towards heartbreak, romantic abandonment and lovelorn days.

Characteristically, the track is an immersive dream-pop number, replete with synth elements and mild percussive grooves that assist the track’s vocal and lyrical richness in developing a mellow melodic languish. Next To Me explicates arguably some of the best vocal performances not just in the band’s discography but in the contemporary genre; fit to compete with the vocals of stalwarts in the genre such as Sam Fender or Zayn Malik.

Even if heard in cursory half-minded listening, the melodies and instrumentation warrant the full attention and is enough to capture the minds of the listeners into the story the trio is weaving. Having gathered an impressive number of listeners from across the globe with just a few releases, SUBURBS continues to be one of the favourites in people’s playlists. 

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