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Samplehound - Evening Star
Samplehound - Evening Star

Samplehound – Evening Star | Ethereal Relaxation

Samplehound is an ambitious project, started by Rich Townsend. Townsend is a British musician and composer. He aims to release sixteen albums of high-quality original music between 2020 and 2024. When he’s not making his own music, Townsend plays piano for the London jazz band, King Groovy and the Horn Stars.

Samplehound uses a combination of electronic and acoustic elements in order to achieve this almost heavenly sound designed to uplift and calm people. Townsend states that his aim is to make people feel good, something that is important in these difficult times.

Evening Star is the latest release by Samplehound. This track is so calming, it feels like the atmosphere has been lightened so much that you feel like you’re floating. I personally find the strings and piano to be the driving instruments of the piece. The atmosphere is set by the strings, and has mild elements of, what sounds like a timpani. The piano stands out and drowns out in the track, taking it’s turn with the other percussions.

The music that Townsend creates is so mystical. It gives you this feeling of security and safety that almost feels divine in some sense.

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