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Maya Yenn - How Much Sadness Can You Swallow?
Maya Yenn - How Much Sadness Can You Swallow?

Maya Yenn – How Much Sadness Can You Swallow? | Dark Pop

British, Independent musician, producer, singer and songwriter, Maya Yenn has burst onto the scene with some interesting blends of music. Her ability to take upfront vocals, and create atmospheres out of them are absolutely mind-boggling.

Yenn’s harmonies partnered with some magnificent panning sequences and alternative dark beats make for some interesting music. It’s quite clever how Maya Yenn is able to play around not just with the emotions she’s trying to elicit, but also create these atmospheres that resemble other artists like Glass Animals, Jungle, Lorde and James Blake.

How Much Sadness Can You Swallow is very futuristic with the instrumental, hard hitting 808s, with this anxiety inducing melody that is slowly met by darker elements. Maya Yenn uses her vocals to balance this out, much like Dave Bayley does for Glass Animals. The song is so dynamic, but what’s interesting to note is how well Yenn is able to play around with the continuity and rhythm of the track, creating these spaces of strobe-like effects with her vocals and the 808s.

I personally love the track, and would definitely put it in the same bracket as Lorder, Glass Animals and the likes.

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