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Mars Sucks-Break On Me
Mars Sucks-Break On Me
Mars Sucks-Break On Me

Mars Sucks-Break On Me | Energetic

Most don’t dare to say it to the faces of people who fawn over Elon Musk, but here’s a group that does. They believe in it so much that it is the name of the band. The band is called Mars Sucks and you better inscribe it in your psyche, because they are genre fluid and energetic as hell. Their new single is called Break On Me.

It is a song of change that encapsulates the wisdom of experience. Though the fuelled riff reminded me of RATM’s Tom Morello, the group shares a wider circle of influence for this style of music.

They have many different masks, and each message demands a genre be their face for the moment. Behind the mask lies a determined group of individuals, ready to make good music, rock out and allow the listener to have a great time. The group has made a song with great post punk flavour, something that can turn heads and remind you that good music didn’t die in the past- you need to look for it now.

I was fortunate enough to talk to Philippe, the singer & guitarist of Mars Sucks. The following is the transcript of the interview:

1) I loved the opening riff of Break On Me. Tell me the story about this track.

The song talks about a romantic relationship coming to an end. The person left behind is still able to acknowledge the how’s and why’s of breaking apart. It’s basically about love and respect that remain between two people, even after they’re no longer lovers. Our video for this song is an allegory of this theme, as we didn’t want to illustrate the song with a boring couple lol. The transgender playing in the video has chosen her/his way in life, breaking apart from what she/he was before.

2) What inspired you to choose this genre? Does it align with the message you want to spread?

Break On Me is the punk side of Mars Sucks, beside other music genres
that influenced us on our musical journey. We’re influenced by many genres, mostly punk, rock and grunge, and we like to mix it all. We don’t necessarily have a message to give away, these are just songs, after all…

I usually start to write them based on my personal experiences, but after a while it starts to get a new dimension and become anybody’s story. This is something magic that I always loved in other’s people songs: You hear the song and the lyrics, you tell yourself the singer must have written all this about her/himself, but actually you’ll never know, so you simply start to connect it with your own life.

3) Why Mars Sucks? Is it an anti-Elon Musk stand?

It is, to some extent.The absurdity of our so-called modern world is immeasurable and it’s only getting worse and worse.
We were so blown away by this digital billboard saying „Mars Sucks. -Earth.“, that we decided to make it ours. It reflects pretty accurately how we stand on a political level, generally speaking. We’re not playing rock just for fun, it’s the heritage of what we’ve seen and learnt, it’s the expression of our alternativism. Everything is political nowadays, what you say, buy, do, the choices you make. Also as a band, somehow.

4) What’s next- EP or Singles?

We’re about to release a 5-tracks EP. There might be another single coming out before, or we’ll simply release the whole stuff at once, not sure yet. As we’re doing everything on our own (recording, mixing, etc), we have
this freedom to decide what’s coming next. And after the EP, we hope to play live, and write a longer album in the meantime.

5) Your music has late 90’s rock hybrid mixtures. Do RATM & Linkin Park inspire you?

The two bands you mentioned never really influenced us, although we might like a couple of songs they did. We have very eclectic influences, and each member of the band has her/his own style of playing, so it’s really hard to mention some specific names. The feedback from the press we get over and over again is that we’re flying somewhere in a triangular dimension made of Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins and an oversaturated version of Placebo. But there are actually a lot of things that you can find in our music, a really really wide spectrum of musical influences, let’s say… from
Gospel to Dead Kennedy’s, if I had to draw a straight line.

6) Do you plan on exploring other genre styles or true only to this?

Our first single Perfect Day was more into the grunge sound. I can still hear it in Break On Me, despite the obvious punk influences. The next releases will all sound different, though similar at the same time. That’s our own mix, somewhere in this triangle I talked about before 🙂

The group has come a long way, and has a long way to go rocking through with messages. I recommend you watch the video for the same, as it is brilliant :

Check out our playlists here!

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