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Maren Davidsen – Damage Done

‘Damage Done’ by Maren Davidsen is the Nordic singer’s debut single. It is a melancholic electronic pop song that has a dreamy feel, and a catchy chorus melody.

Maren Davidsen is a Norwegian singer and songwriter. She has always been a wild, hopeless romantic. Her life and experiences residing in the heart of London have inspired much of her music. Her sound can often range from moody RnB to Soul and electronic pop depending on the track. She combines emotional storytelling with a Nordic soul.

‘Damage Done’ has a strong, reverb – heavy beat and a fast tempo. Further, Maren Davidsen has breathy, almost sultry low vocals which bring out the dysphoric elements of the perky production.

Lyrically, the song ‘Damage Done’ is a representation of the emotional turbulence that a person goes through when their partner lets them down. The song ‘Damage Done’ is lyrically a portrayal of the inner turmoil that a person goes through when their relationship disappoints them. Do you just accept them and move on? Or do you insist on being treated with the respect you deserve? The singer is coping with the same complex emotions.

Her ex is constantly on her mind. She wonders if she will be stuck in this situation indefinitely. She wants to do the right thing, but when in love it can be very hard to decipher what the right thing is.

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