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Arin - We Look So Good
Arin - We Look So Good

Arin – We Look So Good | Revelry

London-based electronic pop singer-songwriter Arin is on his way charting out an impressively groovy discography, and we are here for it.

Arin makes his way back from his single All I Want 2 See from earlier in 2021 with his latest track We Look So Good. The track comes with the customary electronic pop groove that is akin to the discography of Arin, occasionally venturing into other boundaries such as arena pop, indie pop and electronic dance music.

Thematically, it is our understanding perhaps of We Look So Good as a track about mates, camaraderie, romance and frolic that makes it a track so well suited for the times we are living in, where the aforementioned elements may have looked bleak. The track leads off with a mellow piano arpeggio and immersive synth waves assisted with Arin’s impassioned vocals, quickly developing its characteristic percussive element that gets people swaying.

The track is best remembered by its electronic dance music-like drop and the chorus it follows, taking the listeners back to a mood of summer merrymaking. The track comprises the ability to truly help the listener shed their worries of the world, and revel for three minutes in the joy of living with the people around you. 

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